The Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts is a wonderful venue with tremendous potential. The Foundation was formed to assist the Camp Verde School District in updating the Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts. Here is a preliminary list of the needed improvements that you can help sponsor. Click the button below to make a donation today.  Thank You!

  • Projection system is old technology for today's digital films and needs upgrading. 
  • The current projection “screen” is a canvas sheet and needs to be replaced with a professional projection screen
  • Current manual control of stage and auditorium lighting should be computer controlled
  • The orchestral “risers” are very beat up and need replacement
  • Several stage lights are burned out and need to be replaced
  • Sound “drifts” and is not directed toward the audience – a sound engineer should be consulted for improvements
  • The box office is unusable and should be upgraded
  • Half the Auditorium lights are burned out and need an hydraulic hoist to replace them. A new system of lighting with easy replacement is needed.
  •  Additional baton lights needed toward the back of the auditorium. The current catwalk lights are inadequate. 

Another goal is to hire a sound/audio/video consultant to "map" the entire auditorium for an optimal patron experience.

Your contributions will enable us to accomplish the improvements listed above. Thank you for your generous donation.

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